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You Okay, Sis?: Black Midwives & Mamas Matter with Cessilye R. Smith

podcast October 22, 2020

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Trigger Warning: Due to sensitive and upsetting information shared in this episode.
In this episode, You Okay, Sis?: Black Midwives & Mamas Matter with Cessilye R. Smith, Christina and Ekemini are joined by Cessilye R. Smith. Cessilye is a racial and maternal justice activist committed to tearing down walls of oppression and division to build bridges that lead to solution-based practices. Her journey began with her struggle with infertility and lack of awareness of her own body and then the eventual healthy, safe and beautiful births of her own children.

Over the years she has witnessed time and time again the devastating impact systemic failures in healthcare, housing and economics have had on the human condition. Constantly bearing witness to the impact of structural racism and the violence of our collective inaction, while also being active in activism and faith circles has given her the ability to see the overlap in these structures and the drive to pursue justice in an unconventional way. She is passionate about finding commonalities and creating unlikely allies within her work, as Cessilye believes we are stronger when we can find the symmetry in our differences.

Cessilye’s passion for black women and for her community is what compelled her to co-found Abide Women’s Health Services, an organization that exists to improve birth outcomes in communities with the lowest quality of care. Executive Director, activist, reconciler, speaker and educator are just a few of the many hats she wears. Cessilye resides with her husband and best friend Ramon and their three (one on the way) remarkable, world-changing children in Dallas, TX. Pull up a chair, grab your teacup, and join us at the table!

Article referenced in this episode: Black Mothers Keep Dying After Giving Birth. Shalon Irving’s Story Explains Why https://www.npr.org/2017/12/07/568948782/black-mothers-keep-dying-after-giving-birth-shalon-irvings-story-explains-why

Follow Cessilye R. Smith on social media:
Instagram & Twitter: @CessilyerSmith
Instagram & Twitter for Abide: @Abide_Women
Website: www.abidewomen.org

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