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Vote Now Because Your Economic Life Depends On It (And The Stock Market Ain’t The Economy)

podcast October 20, 2020

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The economic picture in the U.S. has devastated millions of people thanks to Donald Trump’s tax cuts for billionaires and his psychopathic terrorism against over 221,000 people and counting. Omar Moore analyzes the dire economy under Trump and his deliberate tax cuts for billionaires as millions of average people are starving and many, many thousands of people are sick or dying from coronavirus or are being evicted from their homes or are unemployed. Plus: The urgency to vote with 14 voting days remaining. Also: The untold stories of nursing home care workers amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. October 20, 2020.

VOTE EARLY. Phonebank. Text. Persuade. Now.

Links to some of the stories and audio featured in this episode:

U.S. economy in 2020, posts its worst drop in history: https://cnn.it/2TcHUwY

Record-long food bank lines across America: https://bit.ly/3ocKFfZ

Trump abruptly ends stimulus talks after Fed Chair Jerome Powell urges economic support: https://nyti.ms/3jkr49Q

Joe Biden’s economic plan for working families: https://bit.ly/37phgJf

A tale of two tax policies: Trump rewards wealth, Biden rewards work: https://bit.ly/3obX9UU

The Politicrat Online Shop is now live! Introducing The “VOTE EARLY!” Color Collection (now with EXTRA NEW COLOR T-SHIRTS added): https://bit.ly/3cXPUuD

Naked Ballots: https://nakedballots.org

Michelle Obama’s closing argument for Joe Biden: https://bit.ly/3jJurYZ

Democracy Docket: democracydocket.com

FIFTEEN VOTING DAYS LEFT in election season. The key to winning the election is MASSIVE EARLY VOTING TURNOUT. Vote EARLY.

Omar’s voting guide for ALL 50 states and DC, the Secretary of State websites and their voting deadlines of all the states and early voting dates and much more. Updated daily. Please vote on DAY ONE of early voting! bit.ly/3gTm5vB

Trump’s economic record is one big con: wapo.st/3mhwipE

Omar’s latest YouTube video on early voting: youtu.be/CROs1Tbfwjo

Omar’s voter education videos:

Facebook: http://bit.ly/3aovXvD
Instagram: http://bit.ly/3am65Ay
YouTube: http://bit.ly/3alt4vN

Omar’s film review of “Da 5 Bloods” (bit.ly/37nliju). MOORE THOUGHTS: moore.substack.com. Moore On Medium: medium.com/@omooresf The Politicrat YouTube page: bit.ly/3bfWk6V The Politicrat Facebook page: bit.ly/3bU1O7c The Politicrat blog: politicrat.politics.blog PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to this to this podcast! Follow/tweet Omar at: http://twitter.com/thepopcornreel

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