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Releasing Negative Energy with Deanna Deacon

podcast October 8, 2020

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Deanna Deacon motivates women to be strong and successful by harnessing their innate feminine energy to achieve growth and prosperity, all while experiencing happiness and a deep sense of fulfillment. She is a spiritual personal trainer who employs mindset alchemy, energy healing, and has a knack for unlocking joy, laughter, and energy from anyone and everyone she meets. An empathic coach and a modern-day goddess rolled into one; it is her mission to guide, inspire, and enlighten.

Deanna joins me today to discuss the impact of negative energy on our lives and why it’s important to release it. She shares her own experiences with loss and grieving and how she realized that in order to survive and thrive, her mindset needed to change. She discusses why it matters to recognize emotional triggers as well as the value of knowing how to release negative energy before it gets bottled up inside. She also shares how intuition guides her everyday choices and how being open to guidance and support helps fight feelings of negativity and isolation.

“Allow yourself to feel guided. Allow yourself to feel supported, and that will create that massive shift for you.” – Deanna Deacon

This Week on the Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women In Business Podcast:

●How a personal tragedy prompted a drastic change in Deanna’s outlook on life.
●The ten-year period of grieving and the break down that followed.
●How she reached the point of acceptance and how it started her journey into nutrition and holistic wellness.
●The unpleasant feelings that watching emotionally disturbing movies bring to the surface.
●The importance of acknowledging the feeling of being triggered, instead of suppressing it.
●The relationship between energy and disease and why it’s important to experience energy-releasing techniques.
●A simple, time-efficient way to release negative energy.
●Allowing intuition to guide your decisions.

A Little Permission to Pause:

●I really allow my intuition to guide me, so I do everything in my life intuitively. I make sure that I’m asking myself questions all day.

Connect with Deanna Deacon:

●Deanna Deacon website-
●Deanna Deacon Coaching on Facebook-
●YouTube –

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