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LIFE 084: Understanding Your Energy Centers

Ebony Jet Media April 14, 2020 5

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Life 084: Understanding Your Energy Centers

LIFE 084: Understanding Your Energy Centres

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Do you understand the power of your most nurturing qualities (aka your energy centers, aka your chakras)?

In my podcast this week, I’ll explain the nature and domain of each of your energy centers and share my personal practice of creating a book of symbols to anchor to their power, peace, and positivity.

This fun and restorative practice leads to greater happiness, feeling secure, abundance, success, and intuitive guidance.

Time Markers

–Your life abundance center (1:05)

– Getting rooted (5:07)

– Our inspiration center (15:27)

– The sovereign center (20:25)

– Our purest place (22:47)

– The center of truth (27:45)

– Where we truly know a thing (32:35)

– Our halo (36:26)


We are anchored by our deep and everlasting love.

Root – Qualities: grounded, secure, rooted, human, able to thrive in the material realm

Sacral – Qualities: emotion, pleasure, play, joy, abundance, sex, sense

Solar Plexus – Qualities: ruler of life, sovereign, empowered

Heart – Qualities: peace, oneness connection, portal to the divine

Throat – Qualities: speak up, speak life, truth, communicate, secure in truth, honest

Brow – Qualities: Higher thought, intuition, knowing, receiving higher ideas

Crown –  Qualities: Connection to Divine to spirit, a portal to the Infinite, supernatural, spirit realm, tethered to heaven


Need a bit more help in these trying times? Check out my page Being the Eye of the Storm: Getting Grounded in the Midst of Chaos
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