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LIFE 080: Using Crisis to Bring Out the Best in You

Ebony Jet Media March 18, 2020 13

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Life 080: Using Crisis to Bring Out the Best in You
Life 080: Using Crisis to Bring Out the Best in You


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In this special episode, we’ll explore the earth’s reason for the COVID-19 virus, what it’s calling us to become, and how we can rise to the challenge as individuals. There’s an incredible personal opportunity in this experience to begin using crisis to bring out the best in you. Our well-being, our community’s, and the earth’s, is inextricably connected to it. Don’t miss this wisdom, we all need it.

Plus, learn exactly how your thoughts impact your body’s responses. Discover the process for interrupting negative thought patterns and creating a positive inner state. Gain the tools to put the experience we’re having in a perspective that centers instead of drains you. Also, get factual information about the virus that isn’t being shared. Read this resource note here.

Click here to listen to this podcast so you can start using crisis to bring out the best in you.

Time Markers

– Quietly from Los Angeles (0:57)

– The middle ground (3:20)

– Autopilot DISengage (8:23)

– Giving the support I can in this time (5:20)

– Your soul is calling, pick up! (9:11)

– Intruder alert & nature’s push back (10:21)

– Make it simple (16:45)

– You get what you are open to (21:30)

– Making our own energetic contagion (25:57)

– What’s the best you’ve got? (27:56)

– Spring Renaissance (32:52)


There are solutions right there for the struggle ahead. But you cannot access them when you are in fear.

You will never think your way through your upset. In order to find a solution, you have to interrupt the analysis and get back into your heart.

Show yourself who you really are.



Coronavirus is Our Future – Alanna Shaikh Ted Talk


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