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Is Fall 2020 Cancelled? Staying Relevant in the Business of Fashion

podcast October 20, 2020

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How are some of the most influential designers in the fashion industry staying creative in this time of crisis?

Today’s guest makes an excellent case for forging strong, authentic relationships with your current and potential customers, as well as staying nimble and on the cutting edge by creating an online presence. As a primarily home-based celebrity fashion designer with an established brand and customer base, she’s been able to weather the storm that is COVID-19 and adapt her business to today’s uncertain circumstances.

Everyone is born with potential for entrepreneurship, some with greater potential than others. But no matter where your starting point is on this exciting journey, you can always increase your chances for business success by training your business muscle. If you have an idea that you are absolutely passionate about and can monetize, it all becomes a matter of understanding your industry inside and out, being willing to develop enduring relationships with your customers, and finding the right balance between your work life and home life.

Tune in to hear how you can build strong relationships with your clients, thrive in the fashion retail industry amid the pandemic, and maximize your potential as an entrepreneur.

Memorable Moments:

●         The power of building and nurturing relationships with your customers [5:33]

●         How the pandemic has impacted the fashion world [7:06]

●         The next big trend in the fashion industry [18:03]

●         What it’s like to be a celebrity fashion designer [23:28]

●         Lizz’s toughest moment in business [25:17]

●         What makes a successful entrepreneur? [31:17]

●         The importance of self-care and managing stress [40:00]

●         Lizz’s advice for young designers [46:46]

Guest Profile:

Lizz Russell is a celebrity fashion and couture designer based in Southern California. She was born and raised in sunny San Diego, CA. Always having a creative spirit and flare for fashion, she began to sew at the age of twelve, and later refined her talents by studying Fashion Design at Mesa College in San Diego.

She began her professional career designing evening wear and has since caught the attention of countless celebrities in Hollywood and other women from all over the United States. The ever-growing Lizz Russell Collection has expanded from Evening Wear to include her exclusive Rose Handbags, Royal Tees and Jewelry collections, all custom made. Each Rose Handbag is handmade and adorned with beautiful silk and satin flowers with exceptional attention-to-detail. Each style boasts intricate patterns, vibrant colors and fashionably long shoulder strap chains or high-end beaded or jeweled handles. Appropriately named after appetizing desserts like German Chocolate and Strawberry Shortcake, each handbag is unique and deliciously stylish!

More than a designer, Lizz Russell is a testament to the human spirit. In the midst of her career, Guillan Barre Syndrome (GBS) and Bells Palsy simultaneously attacked her body, but Lizz emerged triumphant and has continued her journey. She serves as an advocate for GBS survivors and their families through her numerous speaking engagements. She is the recipient of many accolades and awards, including the Civic Leadership Award, for her contributions to the entertainment industry. Lizz Russell is an example of perseverance and success as a 21st Century business woman.


Lizz Russell has recently become an author. Her book, Smiling On The Inside is an amazing story that is warm, reflective and inspiring to its readers. Lizz Russell shared deeply personal experiences about contracting Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS). Lizz tells her amazing story in a frank and honest way that resonates in the heart of anyone who has faced sudden illness, affliction or devastating disease.


●         Check out Lizz Russell fashion line: https://www.lizzrussell.com/

●         Follow Lizz Russell on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lizz_russell_collection/

●         Follow Lizz Russell on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thelizzrussellcollection/

●         The Eric and Lizz Show on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMGzC_zccwYgIVbfE7fw9ew

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