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Go Build It with Sheri Kurdakul

podcast October 8, 2020

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Sheri Kurdakul is a business owner, professional consultant, and the founder and CEO of VictimsVoice. Driven by the desire to give back and honed by over 5 years of working with startups, she specializes in coming up with effective solutions to complicated issues. She has spoken and written at length about her experiences and areas of expertise. She has used her learnings from 29 years of domestic abuse to become a figurehead in helping victims – whether male or female – to take control of their situation, rebuild their lives, and hold their abusers accountable.

Sheri joins me today to share the story of how VictimsVoice came to be. She discusses how her daughter turned an unpleasant experience at school into an opportunity to learn new skills and make a major difference in the lives of abuse victims. She explains the challenges of dealing with domestic abuse, why it is a pertinent issue for both men and women, and how culture affects the way we handle such problems. She also shares her own experiences with domestic abuse and why enabling victims to take control of their healing process means so much.

“When you are a victim of domestic violence, that’s something very, very personal.” – Sheri Kurdakul

This Week on the Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women In Business Podcast:

●How and why Sheri’s 10-year-old daughter developed an anti-bullying app
●The “big miss” or critical mistake of many anti-bullying apps
●How the personal nature of domestic abuse makes it hard for us to speak out when we’re on the receiving end
●Why it’s important to give domestic abuse survivors the power to talk about their experiences if and when they want to
●The difference between our culture and other cultures in handling such sensitive issues
●Her personal experiences with domestic abuse
●How finding an old journal that she tucked away showed her just how different she is now from the person she used to be
●Why abuse is not just a female problem

A Little Permission to Pause:

●I stick my hands in the dirt and garden like crazy. I love to garden and I wanted to learn the science behind it. In the winter, you’ll find me sitting somewhere with a glass of wine, reading.

Connect with Sheri Kurdakul:

●VictimsVoice Website
●VictimsVoice on Medium
●VictimsVoice on Facebook
●VictimsVoice on Instagram
●VictimsVoice on Twitter
●VictimsVoice on LinkedIn

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