Episode 19 How To Shift Your Experience

podcast October 8, 2020

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Season 4 is about the power up it’s time to build momentum people, many of you are in some type of transition where you are coming from one level of your career and getting ready and motivated to go to the next level of your career or your business. It’s no more time for thinking, this cannot be another year where you have those I want to dos, I should dos, I’m going to dos. It is truly about and i must in your life. It needs to stop being this theoretical thing that is all the way above your head and you reach up and grab it and pull the reality down to create your own experience.

Today we are going to talk about shifting your experience. There is a tendency for successful, entrepreneurial women and men like ourselves to think about everything we didn’t do, or everything we didn’t prepare for, in essence the negative life events. I want to invite you to forget what your situation was like yesterday, and shift your experience into the here and now, that’s where the good stuff is.
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