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Ep 18 Embracing Change and Relocation in Your Career with Dawn Holtz

podcast October 18, 2020

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In this episode of Career Thrivers, Brittany speaks with award-winning sales professional Dawn Holtz. She has over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry ranging from sales to training and development to brand management.


Dawn reflects on what she refers to as her “nonlinear” professional career and how she almost accidentally fell into a world that, today, she is absolutely passionate about: sales and marketing. She very quickly discovered that sales is far more than how it is usually portrayed (which is often with negative connotations). To Dawn, sales and marketing have allowed her to grow both personally and professionally, building up her skills as a leader by forcing her to learn how to empathize with others and put their needs before her wants. The ability to communicate clearly and with compassion is, without a doubt, a life skill that she is grateful to have learned—and continues to learn—through the years.


Listen in as Dawn shares how she fell into the sales and, eventually, the marketing professions, as well as her big decision to embrace a new opportunity by moving her family to a brand new city on New Year’s Day. She also covers the power of being receptive to new opportunities, no matter how small; becoming a valuable member of your team; and building mutually beneficial relationships.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

●      Dawn’s nonlinear career path 15 years in


●      Making the transition from sales to marketing


●      Keeping your radar up for new, timely career opportunities


●      Living your values in your day-to-day life


●      Taking a leadership role no matter your position


●      Building a strong network and finding mentors


Memorable Quotes:

“When it’s meant to be, everything will just lay in place. The world will collaborate and it will just move forward. I’m not saying it was 100% easy, but it just felt right.”


“When you think about transitioning, you have to identify your champions. First, you have to look for opportunities to lead in this space. You really need to ensure that you are available and you’re looking for those small opportunities.”


“Advocacy is built on demonstration of capability.”


“Your reputation will always show up before you do.”


“Just continue to find ways to elevate others. Share your journey with each other and be open and transparent about it even with the challenges so that we can make each other better.


“Being a thriver means nurturing your self-value and sharing it unapologetically.”


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