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DeVon Franklin: Prayer Isn’t Enough to Succeed

podcast October 13, 2020

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“Success has weight to it.” – DeVon Franklin

Everyone wants to have wealth and success. The problem is we often look for it in the wrong place. We chase after money or we chase after the perfect opportunity, and we end up missing out on what’s really important.

Wealth isn’t defined by money. The true definition of wealth is well being. Yes, money comes along with that but it’s only a small fraction. You have to take care of your soul, and the thing we overlook the most is taking care of our bodies.

If you really want to be successful you need to work on all areas of yourself, don’t just chase the dollar. Work on your relationships, your passions, and yourself – the money will come.

On this episode of redefining wealth we are joined by one of the most influential Christian under 40, and the man Oprah refers to as a “Bonafide Dynamo” – DeVon Franklin. We dive deep into what it takes to be successful on a physical and spiritual level and analyze not just what it looks like to be successful, but what it takes to become successful. Download this episode today to see how you can be enlightened and how to truly achieve the wealth you want.

“The church didn’t teach me how to be successful, Hollywood did.” – DeVon Franklin

The Cliff Notes:

Never skip over opportunities.
God orchestrates down to the finest detail.
Don’t allow spirituality to be confined to the weekend.
If you aren’t willing to commit everything you have 1,000% you won’t be successful.
It’s not about chasing money, it’s about chasing purpose.
The true definition of wealth is well being.
It doesn’t how much you buy, physical items can’t fill your soul.
We talk about the health of a spirit and mind, but not the health of our body.
What good is money if you are just going to spend it on prescriptions?
Don’t try to just do it, commit to the process of learning how to do it.
Ego can be a career killer.
Honor everyone, you never know who they are.
When you devalue someone, you miss an opportunity.
Integrity is kindness to everyone.
The most valuable people in business are the gatekeepers.
From the physical point there is 6 degrees in separation, in the spiritual world there is 0 degrees of separation.
Let your passion dictate your research so you are prepared.
Take your fears and turn it into a to do list.
Failures aren’t setbacks, they are setups.
Negotiating is about providing value, not money.
Never be afraid to walk away from a negotiation.

“Too often we look at someone’s tree of success, we don’t actually go and examine the roots.” – DeVon Franklin

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