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Building Generational Wealth: The Power of Your Legacy

podcast October 20, 2020

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Welcome to the Just Minding Your Black-Owned Business Podcast. 

We’re once again focused on helping you create freedom in your business, personal brand, and lifestyle by bridging the gap between your passion and success for your business.

Today, we’re diving into generational wealth. If you’re intimidated by this term, don’t be. Although it’s something you may want to put off till later, the reality is that all business owners are humans. That means we get tired. We get old. Someday, we may want to retire and pass down the torch. 

Building your generational wealth ensures that you have something to pass down from one generation to the next, whether that be to your children or grandchildren. 

In this episode, I’m sharing exactly what generational wealth means and the practical strategies you can use today to start building it. From stocks to real-estate, I unpack the ins and outs of each investment and how it can ultimately help you leave behind a powerful legacy. 

If you’re ready to get financially serious about the future, then tune in to this episode. 

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Memorable Moments:

  • What is generational wealth [2:00]
  • How to build generational wealth [5:45]
  • How to invest in real-estate [11:44]
  • How to build a business you can pass down [13:35]

Something Extra:

Download the Acorns App to invest your money. 

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