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Home By The Holidays

Too many members of our community are sitting in jail simply because they can not afford bail. The current Justice system disproportionately lock up the poor and people of color. The EBONY Justice Project and our partners are focused on securing the release of hundreds of incarcerated brothers and sisters. We want to get them Home By The Holidays. We need your help

Too Many Black Men Are Absent From Families

Our women and children need fathers, brothers and uncles home. A by product of the current system is single parent & single income households

Intact Families Produce Healthy Communities

The disruption of the black family today is, in exaggerated microcosm, a reflection of what has happened to American family life in general. Single parents of all backgrounds are feeling the pressures – the sheer economics of raising children primarily on the depressed income of the mother (a large component of the so-called ''feminization of poverty''); the psychological and physical toll when one person, however advantaged, must be both mother and father, and the effects on children.