Achieving Balance with a Growth Mindset Featuring Joanna Jane

podcast October 8, 2020

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Joanna Jane of JB Enterprises is a Licensed Financial Coach and Economic Change Agent who believes in investing in herself and others. Her multiple passions allow her to help small business owners and middle-income families create purposeful finance plans as well as those who seek quality living through the community development company she founded. With years of experience as a social worker, Joanna continues to grow personally and professionally, especially in the areas of wealth creation, healthy decision-making, and personal development.

Joanna joins me today to share how not to get caught up with the titles that society places on you. She discusses what you can do if you’re in a position where you’re questioning your power, ability to move forward, and grow in love and life. Joanna also shares the things she is willing to sacrifice so she can pause and take a break to recharge on a daily and quarterly basis.

“I decided not to box myself in by my degrees and certifications and just focus on God’s work, and allow the degrees and certifications to be a key to get me in the room.” – Joanna Jane

This Week on the Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women In Business Podcast:

●What an economic change agent is
●How to remain open after dealing so much with the things you dealt with
●Potential reasons why you’re not listening to the voice inside of you
●How to ask for the people who will help you grow
●Why her two big words in 2019 are being intentional and executing
●Why it’s necessary to take off your ‘armor’ and get more intimate with others
●The moment when you can truly enjoy being an entrepreneur
●The one thing she wished she could have done even from the beginning of her business
●How she sets aside money for her quarterly “Me Time” retreat

A Little Permission to Pause:

●Take advantage of the loopholes throughout the day. Do a quarterly resort retreat for yourself. Make sure you’re delegating authority.

Resource Mentioned:

●Crystal Springs Resort-

Connect with Joanna Jane:

●JB Enterprises Website-
●Link for Financial Consultation Session-
●Ohara Development-

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