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    • Racially Profiling You with Your Name

      Listen as two members of my tribe, Jo-Ann Taveras and Amber Conage talk about how their names have been perceived, the comments people have made and what happened when the person expected for the interview or loan meeting, didn't match the name on paper. Do you think companies, banks and businesses use names as a way to racially profile applicants? When we allow this to influence something as simple as what we name our children, are we allowing them some control? I would love to hear your thoughts. Email me at kdt@inmyshoestoday.com You can also click on the link below, it gives a great breakdown of systemic racism, including what we are talking about today. SYSTEMIC RACISM EXPLAINED (about:blank)

    • James McDaniel on Being a Horticulturist in Iceland – Ep. 68

      This week I had the pleasure of chatting with James McDaniel about Horticulture in Iceland. For anyone that is not familiar with that word, horticulture is the art or practice of garden cultivation and management. Ever since learning about greenhouses in Iceland and just about different plants growing here in general, I have been looking forward to the day when I can talk to someone about this on the show.  Background About James McDaniel James is a horticulturist that is focused on geothermal horticulture, sustainable production in extreme climates, and emerging technologies for food production. Currently, he is at the Agricultural University of Iceland (AUI) working with fertilizer experiments for an Icelandic startup named Atmonia. The goal is to develop new environmentally friendly methods for fertilizer production. Just as a side note, the Agricultural University of Iceland is where we recorded the interview. Some of James’ past work includes organic agriculture consumer trends research in Beijing, sustainable gardening for small markets in the United States, seed germination techniques using Martian regolith simulants, test trials of geothermal runoff from residential apartments for local food production in Iceland, as well as LED grow-light trials for the Innovation Center of Iceland. Random Fact About James Another fascinating fact about James is that he studied Mandarin Chinese for many years and worked as translator/interpreter for the language. During the interview we get into how he ended up in Iceland, the work he has been doing and more. Additionally, James showed me the space that he uses to grow plants for his research projects. With his permission, I captured a short video of that space and some of the plants there. I recently shared a short clip of the space with the members of the All Things community on Patreon.  You can connect with James via Instagram. Questions I asked James McDaniel During the Interview Can you give us a little background about you. Where are you from and what made you interested in studying horticulture? Why come to Iceland to study it? How long have you been here? What are you focusing your studies on while in school here? What is the horticulture industry like in Iceland? Do you see yourself working here in this industry? When you came to Iceland, was there anything about the culture that was unfamiliar or surprising to you? What has it been like adjusting to life here? I saw on your Instagram bio that you speak Mandarin, which is cool and kind of random. Do you also speak Icelandic?What is your favorite Icelandic word or phrase? Join the All Things Iceland Patreon Community I learned a lot talking to James and I hope you enjoy this interview. Before we jump into it, I want to give a shout-out to Danielle, she is in the Ásgarður tier in the All Things Iceland community on Patreon. Patrons in that tier get a shout out once a month on the podcast. That is just one of many benefits. If you’re not familiar with Patreon, in short it is a membership platform that allows creators like me to provide exclusive content to listeners like you. Such as the behind the scenes video I shot of the work James is currently doing. To learn more and join the community, check it out here. Let’s be social! Here is where you can connect with me: InstagramFacebookYouTubeTwitter Þakka þér kærlega fyrir að hlusta (og að lesa) og sjáumst fljótlega Thank you kindly for listening (and reading) and see you soon!

    • Episode 15: Side Hustle,Masks & 2nd wave??

      We are final back in the studio after a long covid vacation. This week we talk about everything from dealing with lost packages during the covid, to starting a new side hustle , masks, do you wear one or not. And are we going to get a second wave?

    • An Interracial Couple Loving Each Other in America

      Listen as Darlee and Susan Nelson talk about what it's like to be an interracial couple in America. Hear more about how it has impacted their children, what happens at restaurants almost every time they go and their view of the protests since the murder of George Floyd. Be sure to like and rate us on iTunes and email me at: kdt@inmyshoestoday.com to let us know what you think of the podcast and what topics you want to hear more about.

    • Celebrating 4 Years of Living in Iceland & a Special Announcement: Ep. – 67

      June 2020  marked the 4th year of me living in Iceland and the 2nd year anniversary of the podcast. I think that with all that is going on in the world right now, I found myself reflecting on how much has changed for the podcast and in my personal life since moving to Iceland in 2016. During this episode, I plan to share some of my favorite moments during interviews this year, some of the places in Iceland that have a special place in my heart, an update about the podcast and a big announcement. Favorite Moments during interviews in 2020 Starting out with some of my favorite moments while out on interviews, one of the most memorable is when I met Kári Stefánsson, which is episode 50. Kári is the CEO and founder of deCode genetics, which is, in their words “  a global leader in analyzing and understanding the human genome. Using our unique expertise and population resources, deCODE has discovered key genetic risk factors for dozens of common diseases ranging from cardiovascular disease to cancer.”  Kári Stefánsson - Episode 50 Kári is known for being very direct and can come off as abrasive. I wouldn’t be surprised if people consider him to be a curmudgeon. I knew before meeting him that he is very opinionated and could potentially not be very nice. Regardless, I was willing to take that chance because he is a fascinating person who has accomplished some extraordinary things in his life. After arriving to deCode for the interview, I was given a pass to enter the parts of the building that are locked off to the general public. When I arrived at his office, he was in the middle of a meeting with one of his colleagues. They stopped talking when I entered and I immediately thought, “holy crap”, I just walked in on a meeting and he is going to think I am so rude. Thankfully that wasn’t the case.  However, a moment or so after he introduced me to his colleague, he said something to me that totally caught me off guard. Before our meeting, I had offered to send him  the questions I intended to ask him. This has been requested by people in the past, so I thought it would be fine to offer that to be going forward in the event that they want to think a little bit about what they want to say beforehand.  Confrontation with Kári Well, he flat out told me that it is a stupid idea to send questions to people before the interview because they will rehearse their answers and it would mess up the interview. I immediately said to him that it has worked out just fine so far. He quickly replied that I think it has been working out so far but I don’t really know. My rebuttal was that “Well, people keep listening to the podcast, so I must be doing something right.” At that he just stopped talking about it and said we should just get started. All of this was before I hit record. My first thought was damn, this is going to be a difficult interview and I might have to scrap it. While he did start out a bit stiff, I was able to crack a few jokes and he loosened up. It ended up being a great interview and I was so grateful that it turned out well. After recording, we continued to talk about when he was living and working in Chicago. I was incredibly sweaty when I left that interview because I was constantly on guard. It might be strange that I find this to be one of my favorite moments but I think I find this one interesting because it was a challenge I had to overcome. Most of the people I interview are very different from Kári. I don’t often encounter personalities like him. It kind of felt like he was testing my boundaries and I held my own. I was proud of that. I was also happy to be able to connect with him and understand that he isn’t that difficult but he has some personality traits that can make it hard to connect with him. Mike Dell - Episode 61 Another memorable episode for me was #61 with Mike Dell. He served on the NATO Base in Iceland during the 90s. Gaining insight into that time was so cool.

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